Situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Report of the Secretary-General

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The present   report   is   submitted   in   accordance   with   General  Assembly resolution  68/184,  in  which  the  Assembly  requested  that  the  Secretary-General submit are portrait at its sixty-ninth session. There portindicatesthepatternsand trendsinthehumanrights situationintheIslamic Republicof Irananddescribes the progress   made   in   the   implementation   of   the   resolution.   It   also   contains recommendations  aimed  at  improving  the  human  rights  situation.
In  resolution 68/184,the AssemblycalledupontheGovernmentoftheIslamicRepublicof Iranto addressthesubstantiveconcernshighlightedinthepreviousreports oftheSecretary- Generalandtorespectfully itshumanrightsobligations, inlawandinpractice,in relationtoanumberofspecificallyidentified concerns.

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