First Name and Last Name

Masoud Velayati (A.K.A. Moazollahi)

No detail is available about the year and location of his birth as well as his educational background.

   Titles and Positions Held

The Investigator of the seventh branch of Public and Revolution Court’s Prosecutor Office in Kerman Province

Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes:
As the interrogator of branch 7 of Kerman Prosecution since 2010, Velayati has been in charge of security cases. He is one of the authorities responsible for illegal acts and violations of the rights of Bahá’ís in Kerman. He is responsible for ordering the arbitrary arrest of three members of a Bahá’í family– Bakhtiar Rasekhi, Farahnaz Naeimi and Farin Rasekhi– keeping them in custody for months and depriving them from family visitations and phone calls. They were arrested in March 2012 for organising Bahá’í Youth Day, and under Velayati’s supervision, these Bahá’í prisoners have been held in inhuman conditions. Supporting documents:

  • Radio interview regarding the case of Roujin Rasekhi:

http: //

  • Dated 10 Farvardin 1391 reporting the cases of three Kerman Bahá’ís detained for more than eighty days without charge, the right to contact family or receive medical treatment:

http: //

  • Article dated 22 March 2012 pointing to the random arrest of Bahá’ís in Kerman:

  • Judge Moazollahi’s role in condemning thirteen prisoners:

  • Judge Moazollahi’s role in collaboration with FATA and arrest of a Kerman couple: