On 10 December 2012 Justice for Iran launched this first-ever comprehensive report on sexual violence and torture in Iranian prisons.

This weighty report based on testimonials of victims, survivors, witnesses and experts, examines the extent to which women prisoners were systematically subjected to sexual violence as a gender-specific means of silencing young Iranian girls and women dissidents.

The first of three reports, Crimes & Impunity is based on historical, empirical and anecdotal facts regarding crimes committed by Iranian prison authorities during the first decade after the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran.

It covers details of mistreatment of women prisoners at the hands of Iranian prison authorities and highlights the impact of such acts on the young prisoners and their children who were subjected to or witnessed sexual violence. It also analyses the parallel processes of authority and the manner in which Iranian security officials raped and tortured those about to face execution or forced prisoners into marriage as a barter for their life.

The second and third parts of the report will be published in due course. To find out more about this groundbreaking report please see the electronic copy of the book available for free download on this link, as well as accompanying video clips.

To buy a printed copy of the book, please click here.