Human Rights Violator: Sadeq Mahsouli



Sadeq Mahsouli Aka:(Sadeq MAHSULI)

Human rights violations:

Minister of the Interior until August 2009. As Interior Minister, Mahsouli had authority over all police forces, interior ministry security agents, and plainclothes agents. The forces under his direction were responsible for attacks on the dormitories of Tehran University on 14 June 2009 and the torture of students in the basement of the Ministry (the notorious basement level 4). Other protestors were severely abused at the Kahrizak Detention Center, which was operated by police under Mahsouli’s control.

On 10 October 2011, the European Union published the names of 29 officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran including Sadeq Mahsouli Aka:(Sadeq MAHSULI) whom the E.U. asserts are “responsible for serious human rights violations” and is thus subjecting to travel bans and asset freezes. [1]


[1]EU Council statement  on 10 October 2011



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