The Silk Road program will equip civil society, private sector actors, lawyers, and human rights
advocates to address human rights abuses in business. The program will address the lack of
public concern for human rights in business, and its misperception that the protection of human
rights negatively impacts economic growth. To achieve this, civil society and business sector
actors who develop their skills and knowledge of business and human rights through access to
resources, trainings, and workshops will translate their knowledge into action by writing reports
and articles and contributing to domestic and international advocacy campaigns. This will create
an atmosphere that deters investors from working with domestic entities known to violate human
Project Goal: To promote accountability and adherence to relevant domestic laws and
international human rights obligations by restricting the international business activities of
human rights violators.
Objective 1: To equip domestic civil society and business sector actors to use international
human rights laws and mechanisms to promote accountability for human rights abuses in the
field of business and to further adherence to relevant domestic laws, international human rights
obligations, and commitments.
Activity 1.1: Map and select relevant in-country civil society and business sector actors
and design roles to be played by each under this project.
Activity 1.2: Conduct a needs assessment in the field of business and human rights.
Activity 1.3: Organize knowledge and capacity-building workshops for local stakeholders
identified in Activity 1.1 on monitoring and documentation of human rights violations in
business, the use of international accountability mechanisms, and digital security.
Activity 1.4: Equip civil society and business actors with relevant translations of
domestic and international legal documents as well as translations of educational
materials and practical guides on how to use business and human rights mechanisms to
hold violators accountable.
Activity 1.5: Educate civil society, business actors, and the public about the concept of
business and human rights, and the impact of protecting human rights on economic/social
Activity 1.6: Document violations of human rights abuses in business, mapped against
relevant mechanisms to hold parties accountable for each case.
Activity 1.7: Compile reports and briefs on documented human rights violations for
submission to relevant international accountability mechanisms.
Activity 1.8: Launch advocacy campaigns highlighting human rights abuse issues related
to business and human rights and advocating for best practices that correct or respond to
these issues.