Human Rights Violator: Ali Ashraf Rashidi Aghdam


First Name and Last Name:

Ali Ashraf Rashidi Aghdam


No detail is available about the year and location of his birth as well as his educational background.

Titles and Positions Held:

Head of prison authorities in Tehran

Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes:

Women political prisoners in quarantined section of Evin prison, protesting against violent and invasive body cavity searches and sexual abuse have gone on hunger strike on Tuesday 30th October 2012. According to the relatives of these prisoners, they were brutally searched by the hands of three female guards after the ward being raided by Evin security forces.

The women political prisoners, in a letter to Ali Ashraf Rashidi Aghdam, the head of prison authorities in Tehran,  have said “the brutal behavior of some of the prison officers during the body cavity searches of the female prisoners cannot and will not be forgiven.  As this violent and obvious act of aggression and desecration is so reprehensible that putting pen to paper to describe it makes one feel ashamed and disgraced. Given the existence of a myriad of security cameras watching prisoners’ every move and the restrictions imposed upon prisoners regarding what is allowed to be taken into the ward, not to mention the modern electronic tools available for conducting body searches in a respectable manner, we are at a loss for words regarding why prison authorities have resorted to such humiliating behavior.”

Ali Ashraf Rashidi Aghdam, as the head of prison authorities in Tehran, is responsible for these assaults and humiliation.[1]