Transitional Justice

  • Witness Testimony of Marina Moradi Bakht (Nemat)

    Witness Testimony of Marina Moradi Bakht (Nemat)

      Name and Surname: Marina Moradi Bakht (Nemat) Date and Place of Birth: 1965, Tehran Date of Arrest: January 1981 Accusation: Collaboration with Leftist Groups Date of Release: Middle of 1984

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  • Human Rights Violator:Amir Mortazavi

    Human Rights Violator:Amir Mortazavi

    Amir Mortazavi isDeputy Prosecutor of Mashhad. Trials under his prosecution have been conducted summarily and inside closed session, without adherence to basic rights of the accused. As execution rulings were issued en masse, death sentences were issued without proper observance of fair hearing procedures.

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  • Human Rights Violator: Abbas pir-Abbasi

    Human Rights Violator: Abbas pir-Abbasi

    Abbas pir-Abbasi is Tehran Revolutionary Court, branches 26 and 28. He is in charge of post-election cases, he issued long prison sentences during unfair trials against human rights activists and has issued several death sentences for protesters

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