Political Prisoners

  • UPDATE- Women Political Prisoners Achieving their Demands Ended Their Hunger Strike

     JUSTICE FOR IRAN, 7TH NOVEMBER 2012: Women political prisoners in Evin prison ended their hunger strike yesterday, according to their relatives. They have reportedly agreed to do so after being […]

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  • Human Rights Violator: Mohammad-Ali  Zanjirei

    Mohammad-Ali Zanjirei as Deputy Head of Iran’s Prisons Organisation, responsible for abuses and deprivation of rights in detention center. He ordered the transfer of many inmates into solitary confinement.

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  • Human Rights Violator: FarajollahSedaghat

    Farajollah Sedaghat is assistant Secretary of the General Prison Administration in Tehran – Former Head of Evin’s prison, Tehran until October 2010 during which time torture took place. He was warden and threatened and exerted pressure on prisoners numerous times

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  • Human Rights Violator:  Ali-Akbar HeydariFar 

    Human Rights Violator:  Ali-Akbar HeydariFar 

    li-Akbar HeydariFar is Judge at Tehran Revolutionary Court. He participated in protesters trial. He was questioned by the Judiciary about Kahrizak exactions. He was instrumental in issuing detention orders to consign detainees to Kahrizak Detention Centre

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  • Human Rights Violator:  Mohammad Moghisseh (Nasserian)

    Mohammad Moghisseh (Nasserian) is Judge, Head of Tehran Revolutionary Court, branch 28. He is in charge of post-election cases. He issued long prison sentences during unfair trials for social, political activists and journalists and several death sentences for protesters and social and political activists.

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  • Human Rights Violator: Gholam-HosseinEsmaili

    Human Rights Violator: Gholam-HosseinEsmaili

    Gholam-Hossein Esmaili was head of Iran’s Prisons Organisation. In this capacity, he was complicit to the massive detention of political protesters and covering up abuses performed in the jailing system.

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  • Human Rights Violator:Gholam- Hossein Mohseni-Ejei

    Human Rights Violator:Gholam- Hossein Mohseni-Ejei

    Prosecutor General of Iran since September 2009 and spokesman of the Judiciary (former Intelligence minister during the 2009 elections). While he was Intelligence minister during the election, intelligence agents under his command were responsible for detention, torture and extraction of false confessions under pressure from hundreds of activists, journalists, dissidents, and reformist politicians. In addition, political figures were coerced into making false confessions under unbearable interrogations, which included torture, abuse, blackmail, and the threatening of family members.

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  • Justice for Iran, Right Now!/ Shadi Sadr

    Justice for Iran, Right Now!/ Shadi Sadr

     The Katharine & George Alexander Law Prize brings recognition to lawyers who have used their legal careers to help alleviate injustice and inequity. The 2010 Award winner is Shadi Sadr, Iranian Human […]

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