Human Rights Sanctions

  • Human Rights Violator: Mostafa  Bozorgnia 

    Mostafa Bozorgnia was head of ward 350 of Evin Prison. He unleashed on a number of occasions disproportionate violence upon prisoners

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  • Human Rights Violator: Ali-Akbar Yasaghi

    Ali-Akbar Yasaghi is Judge of Mashhad Revolutionary Court. Trials under his jurisdiction have been conducted summarily and inside closed session, without adherence to basic rights of the accused. As execution rulings were issued en masse, death sentences were issued without proper observance of fair hearing procedures

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  • Human Rights Violator: Ahmad  Zargar

    Ahmad Zargar Is Judge, Tehran Appeals Court, branch 36. He confirmed long-term jail warrants and death warrants against protesters

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  • Human Rights Violator: Abbas pir-Abbasi

    Human Rights Violator: Abbas pir-Abbasi

    Abbas pir-Abbasi is Tehran Revolutionary Court, branches 26 and 28. He is in charge of post-election cases, he issued long prison sentences during unfair trials against human rights activists and has issued several death sentences for protesters

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  • Human Rights Violator:Gholam- Hossein Mohseni-Ejei

    Human Rights Violator:Gholam- Hossein Mohseni-Ejei

    Prosecutor General of Iran since September 2009 and spokesman of the Judiciary (former Intelligence minister during the 2009 elections). While he was Intelligence minister during the election, intelligence agents under his command were responsible for detention, torture and extraction of false confessions under pressure from hundreds of activists, journalists, dissidents, and reformist politicians. In addition, political figures were coerced into making false confessions under unbearable interrogations, which included torture, abuse, blackmail, and the threatening of family members.

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  • Open letter to Mr. Rosenthal: Please take leading position to stop human rights violation in Iran

     It appears that the time has come for the Dutch government to take fast and extensive action on behalf of the family member of their citizen, Zahra Bahrami, as well […]

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  • Letter to Ms. Ashton: Iranian people await to see that you have not forgotten them

    Letter to Ms. Ashton: Iranian people await to see that you have not forgotten them

     “Justice for Iran,” along with many Iranian civil society activists, asks that  you  place  the Human rights topic as a primary priority in your future talks with the Islamic Republic officials. […]

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