sadegh amoli larijani
Sadegh Larijani

Human rights violations:
Head of the judiciary. The head of the judiciary is required to consent to and sign off every ghisas (retribution), hodoud (crimes against God), and tazirat (crimes against the state) punishment. This includes sentences attracting the death penalty, floggings, and amputations. In this regard, he has personally signed off numerous death penalty sentences, contravening international standards, including stoning (16 people are currently under stoning sentence), executions by suspension strangulation, execution of juveniles, and public executions such as those where prisoners have been hung from bridges in front of crowds of thousands. He has also permitted corporal punishment sentences such as amputations and the dripping of acid into the eyes of the convicted. Since Sadegh Larijani took office, arbitrary arrests of political prisoners, human rights defenders, and minorities have increased markedly. Executions have also increased sharply since 2009. Sadegh Larijani also bears responsibility for systemic failures in the Iranian judicial process to respect the right to a fair trial.

on 23 March 2012, the European Union published the names of 17 officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran including Sadegh Larijani whom the E.U. asserts are “responsible for serious human rights violations” and is thus subjecting to travel bans and asset freezes. 1

[1] EU Council statement on 23 March 2012]]>