Seyyed Morteza Bakhtiari
Human rights violations:
Minister of Justice, former Isfahan governor-general and director of the State Prisons Organisation (until June 2004). As Minister of Justice, he has played a key role in threatening and harassing the Iranian diaspora by announcing the establishment of a special court to deal specifically with Iranians who live outside the country. With the Tehran Prosecutor’s assistance, two branches of the courts of first instance and appeal courts and several branches of the magistrate courts will be assigned to deal with expatriate affairs.
On 10 October 2011, the European Union published the names of 29 officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran including Seyyed Morteza Bakhtiari whom the E.U. asserts are “responsible for serious human rights violations” and is thus subjecting to travel bans and asset freezes. [1] [1] EU Council statement  on 10 October 2011