dorri-najafabadiName: Ghorban-Ali Dorri-Nadjafabadi  

Human rights violations: On 13 April 2011, the European Union published the names of 32 officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran whom the E.U. asserts are “responsible for serious human rights violations” and is thus subjecting to travel bans and asset freezes.

Ghorban-Ali Dorri-Nadjafabadi

POB: Najafabad (Iran) – DOB: 1945

Former Prosecutor General of Iran until September 2009 (former Intelligence minister under Khatami presidency). As Prosecutor General of Iran, he ordered and supervised the show trials following the first post-election protests, where the accused were denied their rights, an attorney. He also carries responsibility for the Kahrizak abuses.[1] [1] EU Council statement  on 13 April 2011