Hasan Babaie
7 March 2011 to present:        Deputy Social Justice for Prevention of Judicial Crime -Kurdistan Province[1] 2009 to 2011:                          Judge at Branch 1 of the Public and Revolutionary Court – Sanandaj
 Human rights violations
In his official capacity as a judge he has violated laws and must be held accountable for conducting court sessions with no regard for due process of law while issuing heavy sentences including exile, long-term imprisonment and execution for political and civil rights activists. According to statements by former political prisoners, final judgements were made while

  1. Denying entry to legal representatives of the accused
  2. Conducting brief sessions often lasting just a few questions
  3. Disregarding reports of torture during interrogation in order to force detainees to confess against their own case
  4. Sentencing prisoners based on confessions obtained under duress

Cases violated by his disregard for due process of law include:

  1. Execution for political prisoners Anvar Hossein Panahi and Habibollah Latifi – Political prisoners sentenced to execution
  2. Shaker Baqi – 30 years of imprisonment and exile to Kashmar in Khorassan Razavi
  3. Illegal proceedings involving following cases:

Habibollah Latifi[2]
Following a few minute long trial on 30 June 2009 Hassan Babaie ignored all reports of his confessions obtained under torture[3] and instead used it as evidence[4] to charge Latifi with membership in Pejak, and condemned him to death.[5] Ehsan Fatahian
Hanged on 11 November 2009, he withstood three months of “intolerable torture” at the Intelligence Detention Centre in Sanandaj, forcing him to make false confessions on TV. Babaie sentenced him to 10 years in prison in exile in Ramhormoz. Fatahian’s effort to seek justice through the Appeals court, because of Babaie’s failures, resulted in his execution order by the Appeals court.[6] Lotfollah Latifpour
After three months of detention, torture and no contact with family, Babaie conducted Latifpour’s hearing for about 15 minutes involving three accusatory questions, all of which Latifpour was denied the chance to respond to and have legal counsel for. At the conclusion he asked Latifpour to sign few documents, and then Babaie informed Latifpour he was sentenced to 16 years in prison.[7] Yasser Goli
A student activist denied legal representation and relevant documents by Judge Babaie.[8] Safieh Sadeqi
A 23-year-old Salmas political activist, she was arrested and detained in November 2010 by Sanandaj Intelligence authorities, who subjected her to 4 ½ months of solitary confinement, interrogation, physical torture, legal representation and no contact with family. Babaie charged her with ‘combat against God’ through membership in Pejak, after a few minute long session, and sentenced her to 15 years in prison.[9] Amir Ahmadi
Judge Babaie denied this Komoleh member’s lawyer the right to appear in court, and issued a heavy sentence, following a few minute long inquiry.[10] Kurdish Cultural and Environmental Activists
Judge Babaie subjected members of the Kurdestan Green Group to undue pressure in order to extract confessions regarding bombing later televised on Press TV[11]. He charged them with ‘acting against national security’ through contact with opposition groups and sentenced three detained by Sanandaj Intelligence forces on 22 October 2011[12]: Varya Khosravi to four, Akbar Govili to two and Kamran Rahimi to three years in prison.
[1] See the official website of the Kordestan Dispute Resolution Council at:
[3] He was told he had to make false confessions or face execution. Please see:
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[8]In his statement, Goli clarifies: ”They told me let’s go to the court… I said I want a lawyer, they laughed and told me to be quiet… I knew nothing about prosecution. It was the first time I was arrested… They told me you are accused of spreading propaganda against the state… I asked what is the justification? They said you demonstrated at university, conducted interviews with media and are probably in touch with political parties. I refused all charges asking do you have any evidence? He said, be quiet, write your confessions…” See full testimony available on-line at:
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[11]Press TV, an Islamic Republic backed network has been implicated on numerous occasions with production and broadcast of forced confessions, at times prior to sentencing of the accused. OFCAM has removed its license for broadcast in the UK. Please see: