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Gholam Hossein Ramezani

March 2012 to present:                       Security Chief at Ministry of Defense[1] October 2009 to March 2012:             Chief of Protection and Security at Islamic Republic Guard Corps[2] March 2008 to October 2009:             Deputy Chief of Intelligence at Islamic Republic Guard Corps[3] 7 May 2007 to unknown:                    Security Chief of Intelligence at Islamic Republic Guard Corps[4] Unknown to 28 August 2005:            Security Chief of Intelligence[5] and Deputy of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic Police Force (NAJA) appointed by Ayatollah Khamenei[6]

Human rights violations
He is a central figure in the parallel power structure, including NAJA at its outset,[7] that carry out much of extrajudicial activities aimed at violent suppression of student activists, civil society and media.[8]

Key role in extrajudicial activities through parallel intelligence structures
He is a central figure in Iran’s parallel intelligence structures, including NAJA.[9] Between August and October 2004, 21 bloggers and others involved with news sites were detained and tortured in unmarked prisons. Due to international pressure 17 detainees were released while Omid Memarian, Roozbeh Mir Ebrahimi, Shahram Rafizadeh and Javad Gholam Tamimi, were tried and forced to make false confessions on television regarding their role in acting against national security.[10] According to the presiding judge sentences were issued based on these very confessions extracted while prisoners were blindfolded, with their hands tied, left in solitary confinement at unmarked prisons for long periods, beating and physical assault, emotional abuse, complete lack of contact with others or access to legal representation.[11] After temporary release they announced they had been subjected to physical and emotional violence, kept in solitary confinement and denied access to family and legal representation,[12]and testified to the role of intelligence forces in these violations.[13]

Suppression, torture and death of citizens during the 2009 post-election uprising  
His role in extrajudicial activities aimed at violent suppression of student activists and civil society included the 2009 post-election uprising resulting in at least 4 deaths under torture while detained at Kahrizak or rape, including the case of Taraneh Moussavi.[14] In August 2009 Human Rights Watch wrote to Sadeq Larijani and demanded clarification regarding the role of specific officials, including Gholamhossein Ramezani, and their role in repression, and official organs that maintain unofficial detention centres for political prisoners.[15]

Role in “Gerdab” forced confessions under duress
As the Deputy Chief of Intelligence at Islamic Republic Guard Corps he played an important role in silencing the media[16] including in the Gerdab files. In 2007 more than 45 citizesn were accused of running pornographic sites and placed under arrest. A few months later during televised confessions they admitted to receiving funds from the American government in order to corrupt the youth and weaken the pillars of the Islamic Republic. A year and half later, prisoners and families broke their silence on the severe torture they had suffered in order to make the false confessions. Saeed Malekpour, Vahid Asghari, Ahmadreza Hashempour, Mehdi Alizadeh and Hassan Si Sakhti were initially sentenced to death, and now face life imprisonment. Saeed Malekpour, Vahid Asghari and Shahrouz Vaziri announced their willingness to admit in a court to suffering physical, psychological and emotional torture including long-term solitary confinement, verbal and physical abuse, and denial of contact with their families and lawyers.[17] No information is available on others who remain in confinement. Please see an in depth report by JFI for more details.
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