Justice For Iran – 27 March 2014 : On 18 March 2014 authorities informed families of Ali Chebeishat and Sayed Khaled (Yasin) Mousavi, two cultural activists on death row, about their transfer from Dezful prison to an unknown location.
A week earlier, they summoned Chebeishat’s son, 24-year-old Salah Aldin, and detained him at Sepidar prison in Ahwaz. He was arrested along with his father at his grandmother’s memorial in November 2012 and was subsequently released on bail.
According to their family members judicial authorities have denied them the right to choose a legal representative, threatened interested lawyers, and have instead assigned their cases to Abbas Torabi, the former head of the Revolutionary Court of Ahwaz, who has so far failed to take effective action while demanding exorbitant fees.
The three men were detained in November 2012 in Khalaf Kaab Imsallam village in Khuzestan and denied access to family and legal representation for seven months. Despite lack of any other evidence, Ahwaz Intelligence authorities subjected the three men to solitary confinement and severe torture in order to extract false confessions broadcast on IRI-sponsored Press TV, framing them as elements responsible for the explosion of natural gas pipelines near Shush (Susa).
On 9 September 2014 Judge Seyed Mohammad Baqer Mousavi at Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz charged both with the crime of “Combat Against God” and sentenced them to death. The family members are unclear as to whether this sentence was approved by the Supreme Court or relevant to their recent transfer to an unknown location.
JFI renews its urgent appeal of 4 December 2013 JFI to six Special Rapporteurs highlighting their cases and calling on their mandate to seek fair trials free of further torture and cruel mistreatment of the accused and their next of kin through the Islamic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
It further calls on Islamic Republic judicial authorities to inform Chebeishat and Mousavi families of the whereabouts of their loved ones and the exact details of their proceedings.