First Name and Last Name

Sardar Mohammad Ali Najafi


No detail is available about the year and location of his birth as well as his educational background.

   Titles and Positions Held

Head of the “Tehran Observatory of Public Areas” a division of the “Iranian Police for Public Security and Intelligence,”(at least) from 2004 to May 2009

Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes:

Mohammad Ali Najafi is the head of the “Tehran Observatory of Public Areas,” a division of the “Iranian Police for Public Security and Intelligence.” In an official decree on April 8, 2007, he not only prohibited the approval of work certificate for Bahá’í in several fields, but also asked to identify Bahá’í workers in their sectors of service. The decree is titled “Approval Procedure of the Members and Groups of Misguided Sect of Bahá’ísm” and is addressed to all “City Chiefs of the Intelligence and Public Security” in Tehran. These decrees have had a major adverse impact on the right of Bahá’ís to work.

Supporting documents:

The page at the link below introduces the Islamic Republic’s police force and its laws:سرهنگ-میرایی-رییس-پلیس-نظارت-اماکن-عمومی-ناجا

[1] See page 6 on-line at:


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