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Abbas Alizadeh (a.k.a. Movahed)

Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes:
As a senior member of the Ministry of Intelligence, Abbas Alizadeh has been responsible for the violation of the rights of Bahá’ís in the city of Sari (the capital of the province of Mazandaran) over the past three decades.  He is in charge of Bahá’í cases filed with the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention centre in Sari.

Alizadeh is responsible for the extrajudicial arrests of several Bahá’ís and the interrogation and degrading treatment of Bahá’í community members– such as Foad Nai’mi, Sepideh and Soha Zamani, Jila Reza’i and Masoud Ataeian– who have been either detained or harassed because of their religion. According to the testimony of Jila Rezaei, who used to be a member of the group managing the Bahá’í community in Sari, Abbas Alizadeh is also responsible for the destruction of the Sari Bahá’í cemetery that occurred in 2009.

Supporting documents:

  • Witness testimonies of Soha and Sepideh Zamani and Jila Rezaei were provided to Justice For Iran
  • Voice of America report dated 18 February 2009 interviewing Kianoush Ighani, a relative of Bahá’í prisoner, Foad Naeimian:


  • An appeal published on 14 January 2009 regarding the cases of Massoud Ataeiyan and his wife, Taraneh Sanei, Sari Bahá’í residents and the role of Movahed: http://cheraghebidari.blogspot.co.uk/
  • The document below show pages of court documents regarding the Bahá’í cemetery in Mahforouzak

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10 Mar 2013