Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes

Seyed Morteza Nourbaksh is the director of the “Ideological Select section” of the Iranian Educational Evaluation Organisation and a member of its committee. He announced clearly in a press conference: “…students of fictional religions and non-recognized religious minorities do not have the right to study in the Iranian universities, and if they are following their studies in universities, they have to admit the central select section for the approval…” The section of which he is the director is responsible for banning civil rights and political activists as well as Bahá’í students.

Report dated 21 Khordad 1389 (11 June 2010) quoting Seyed Morteza Nourbakhsh in his official capacity stating students belonging to ‘made-up’ religions do not have the right to study at universities throughout the country:

  • Copy of the admission form including a section to indicate the religion of the applicant:
  • The report below describes the role and response of Islamic Republic officials, including Seyed Morteza Nourbackhsh, to the appeals of expelled Bahá’í students:

ستاره دار کردن دانشجویان: از تکذیب تا تائید