First Name and Last Name:

Hakam Ali Najafi


No detail is available about the year and location of his birth as well as his educational background.

 Titles and Positions Held:

– Member of Shahriar City Council from June 2013

-Head of Education of Shahryar Province from 10/March/2011 to 13/Sep/2012

-Deputy of Physical Education of Shahryar Province

Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes:

When he was the head of Education for Shahriar County (in the province of Tehran), Hokmali Najafi issued a “confidential letter” to the principals of all schools in the province asking them to gather, without notice, the personal information of all Bahá’í pupils and report back to his office.

These types of orders may be used as a means to put more pressure on and persecute the Bahá’í community. They also appear to be one source of the difficulties Bahá’í students face. Justice for Iran believes Hokmali Najafi bears responsibility for circumventing the right of education of Bahá’í students.

Supporting documents:

  • The following is a copy of the circular to school principals dated 14 Aban 1390 (5 November 2011)  and signed by Najafi:


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