Human Rights Violator: Assadollah Jafari

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  اسدالله-جعفریFirst Name and Last Name:

Assadollah Jafari Background: No detail is available about the year and location of his birth as well as his educational background.

 Titles and Positions Held:

Prosecutor of Public and Revolution Courts of Mazandaran Province since 2008 (at least)[1] Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes: As the Prosecutor for Mazandaran, Asadollah Jafari is responsible for illegal arrests and violating the due process of Bahá’í detainees from the beginning to the end of the prosecution process (I.e. summoning them to the Intelligence Office, ordering their arrest, confiscating their belongings, and holding them in solitary confinement cells run by the Intelligence detention centre). These are summaries of such cases: –      Faran Khan Yaghma: He was arrested without any legal authorisation or warrant, at the same time his computer and personal effects were confiscated by Intelligence agents. The agents also beat his father. –      Enayatollah Sanaei: Intelligence agents entered the house of this Bahá’í poet and writer after breaking down his door. The agents insulted those present in the house and beat them while inspecting the house. –      Vajihollah Mirza Golpour: This 71-year-old Bahá’í citizen has been summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence without cause and only for being Bahá’í. –      Sarah Mahboubi: This student, who has already been banned from university, has been arrested and transferred to the Intelligence section of Sari Prison while her house was inspected by Intelligence agents twice and her books, notes, CDs and computer were confiscated. –      Masoud Ataeian: Intelligence agents arrested him at his house in Ghaemshahr on November 18, 2008. They inspected his house and confiscated religious books, documents related to his work, and his personal computer. He has not been authorized to meet his lawyer yet and has only called his family once briefly. –      Soheila Matlabi: She has been arrested and detained since November 23, 2008, when Intelligence agents entered her home and inspected it without presenting any warrant. She was not authorized to communicate with her family for more than 22 days.   Supporting documents:
  • Kayhan article clearly describing the official position of Asadollah Jafari:
  • Report indicating the illegal arrest of expelled Sari Bahá’í student, Faran Khan Yaghma:
  • Report dated 27 January 2012 regarding Intelligence officers raiding the home of a Sari Bahá’í:
  • Report dated 8 Ordibehesht 1390 (28 April 2011) indicated the arrest of Sai Bahá’í Vajihe Mirza Golpour:
  • Blog entry dated 11 April 2012 reporting the arrest of Sara Mahboubi: http://khabarnavard.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/blog-post_5752.html

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