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Islamic Republic Head of the Judiciary sanctioned by the European Union for violating human rights / three of those sanctioned had previously been identified by Justice for Iran

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Justice for Iran–On March 23, 2012, seventeen Iranian executive and judicial officials were banned from entering the member states of the European Union for being involved in the severe and widespread violation of human rights. Furthermore, any asset and property they have in the jurisdiction of EU member states will be confiscated. Three of the seventeen individuals placed on the sanctioned list are Seyyed Bahram Reshteh Ahmadi, Reza Jafari, and Mohammad Sadeghi. Justice for Iran had previously introduced the three individuals as human rights violators and had demanded that sanctions be imposed upon them.

 Bahram Reshteh Ahmadi, Head of Shahid Moghaddas Prosecution Office at Evin Prison, played a significant role in the violation of the rights of political prisoners. Reza Ja’fari, former head of the Prosecution Office for Investigating Computerized Crimes was instrumental in the issuance of the indictment as well as demanding for death penalty for individuals such as Saeed Malekpour, Vahid Asghari, Ahmadreza Hashempour, and Mehdi Alizadeh who were accused in the cyber crimes case files.

Sergeant Mohammad Sadeghi, Head of IRGC’s Center to Investigate Organized Crime and the authority in charge of Gerdab website also played an important role in the severe violation of many of the individuals detained at ward 2A of Evin Prison.
Other individuals placed on the list of human rights targeted sanctions are Sadegh Larijani, head of the Iranian Judiciary who signed off on verdicts such as stoning and execution as well as “sentences attracting the death penalty, floggings and amputations” and “dripping of acid into the eyes of the convicted,” Reza Taghipour, Minister of Information and Telecommunication who is “in charge of censorship and controlling internet activities” in Iran, as well as Ezzatollah Zarghami, head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) due to the fact that “IRIB has broadcast forced confessions of detainees and a series of “Show trials.””

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