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UPDATE- Al-Hiwar members contacted their families

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January 2013: Justice For Iran has learn the five Al-Hiwar members facing execution who has been no news of their whereabouts last week, contacted their families today. However, the authorities continue to deny them the right to visit their families.
“The Ministery of Intelligence in Ahwaz has summoned the families of the prisoners over the past week and the security forces have threatened them regarding any possible effort to publicize these developments” said Kamil Alboshokeh, a relative of two of the five men.
On Wednesday, 30 human rights organizations and campaigners, including Justice For Iran, urged Iran to stop the implementation of the death sentences against the five men in a joint statement.
Muhammadali Omouri (Fisheries engineer and school teacher), Hadi Rashedi (holds a MS degree in applied chemistry and chemistry high-school teacher), Hashem Shabani (Arab literature teacher and MA degree student in Political Sciences at Ahwaz University), Seyyed Jaber Alboshoka (holds an associate degree in computer sciences and is a private in the military), Seyyed Mokhtar Alboshoka (works at a stone mining company), are founders and active members of the Al-Hiwar scientific-cultural institute (means “dialogue” in Arabic) a group which experienced mass arrests of its members in February 2012.  After being held at a detention center run by the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) in Ahwaz and tortured for months, they were accused of moharebeh (waging war on God) and terrorism, however the defendants maintain that the confessions obtained from them are false confessions obtained under torture.
These five Ahwazi Arab cultural activists were sentenced to death in June. The execution sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court, and the families of the men were subsequently notified on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.
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