UPDATE- Women political prisoners achieving their demands ended their hunger strike

By November 7, 2012 August 22nd, 2019 No Comments

 JUSTICE FOR IRAN, 7TH NOVEMBER 2012: Women political prisoners in Evin prison ended their hunger strike yesterday, according to their relatives. They have reportedly agreed to do so after being assured by the prison authorities that those responsible for violent, invasive body cavity searches and sexual abuse will be prosecuted, and such incidents not repeated.

JFI wishes to congratulate first the prisoners, who showed once again that resistance makes difference even in direst of situations; and also their families, who have courageously supported their loved one sand all those who have tried to echo the prisoners voice. JFI is relieved that the lives of these prisoners are no longer at risk; we are concerned, however, that those responsible among the prison authorities would escape punishment; we are also deeply troubled by reports that the protesting prisoners have been threatened with a three-week ban on visitation and move to solitary confinement.

The nine women political prisoners held in a quarantined section of Evin prison had started their hunger strike on 30th October 2012 – in protest to violent, invasive body cavity search and sexual abuse.

Justice For Iran continues monitoring the case to assure all authorities responsible for sexual abuse of women political prisoners will be held accountable.

For further background information, please see JFI’s statement, November 5th: