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JFI calls for boycott of Chatham House event

By February 3, 2013 August 23rd, 2019 No Comments

Mousavian-Chatham-HouseJustice for Iran has learnt Hossein Moussavian, the former ambassador for the Islamic Republic of Iran to Germany who has been accused of involvement in the Mykonos incident — the assassination of leaders of the Kurdish minority in Berlin in 1992 — will present on a panel at Chatham House tomorrow, Monday, 4 February 2013 in London, UK.
“Evidence shows that despite his denial, members of Mr. Moussavian’s support staff were informed and involved with the assassinations. The German Government never fully investigated the incident due to political pressure from Iran — as such, Mr. Moussavian has never been cleared of involvement,” said Shadi Sadr, the co-founder of Justice for Iran, a  human rights NGO focussed on impunity among Islamic Republic authorities.

Experts familiar with the Islamic Republic’s track record of torture and execution in Iran as well as harassment and assassinations of dissidents abroad, argue that given the level of evidence implicating Iranian Embassy officials in Germany in the Mykonos incident, Mr. Moussavian — as ambassador — bears responsibility and should be the subject of a full investigation. Parviz Dastmalchi, a survivor of Mykonos explains: “A credible witness examined during the court hearings testified to the fact that Mr Moussavian was implicated in a number of assassinations carried out by agents of the Islamic Republic throughout Western Europe.”

Shadi Sadr added: “We have examined the available evidence objectively and encourage Mr. Moussavian and his supporters to stand up for human rights of Iranians everywhere and take the right side of history.”

Justice for Iran strongly objects to Mr. Moussavian’s presence at the event organised by Chatham House and encourages those who support the cause of human rights in Iran to boycott the event.