Iran Wire: At the outset of the Aban Tribunal on Wednesday, 10 November, the names of 133 Iranian officials from 12 Iranian provinces were read out to the room.

Because of their positions on local or national security councils, according to the co-counsel, these individuals could be considered to bear command responsibility for international crimes committed in connection with the November 2019 protests. First established during the post-WWII Nuremberg Trials, command responsibility means that those who gave the order for acts to be carried out that they knew to be illegal, and/or who failed to take steps to prevent these crimes from occurring, are as criminally liable as – in this instance – the officer that pulled the trigger.

Drewery Dyke, chairperson of the London-based Rights Realization Centre and a former researcher for Amnesty International, explained to the Aban Tribunal panel: “We want to say the names, for those in Iran who could be watching. We hold these people responsible for the acts that took place in Iran in November 2019.”

In this spirit, IranWire has also decided to publish the names in full. Job titles are as they were at the time the atrocities were committed in November 2019.


Ali Khamenei: Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran

Hassan Rouhani: President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ali Shamkhani: Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council

Ebrahim Raisi: Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli: Minister of Interior

Mahmoud Alavi: Minister of Intelligence

Hossein Ashtari: Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian police

Hossein Salami: Commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Hossein Taeb: Head of the IRGC’s Intelligence Organization

Habibollah Sayyari: Head of Joint Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army and member of the Supreme National Security Council

Anoushirvan Mohseni-Bandpey: Governor of Tehran province

Azizollah Shahbazi: Governor of Alborz province

Enayatollah Rahimi: Governor of Fars province

Gholamreza Shariati: Governor of Khuzestan province

Mohammad Javad Fadaei: Governor of Kerman province

Gholamreza Soleimani: Head of the Basij Organization

Mojtaba Zolnouri: Representative of parliament on the Supreme National Security Council

Hassan Karami: Commander of Iranian Police Special Units (NAJA)

Habibollah Jan Nesari: Deputy Commander of NAJA

Mohammad Pakpour: Commander-in-chief of the IRGC ground force

Hassan Shahvarpour: Commander of the IRGC in Khuzestan

Karim Babaei: Commander of the IRGC forces in Mahshahr

Mohsen Khancharli: Police commander in western Tehran province

Mahdi Ghasemi: Commander of NAJA in western Tehran province

Leila Vaseghi: Governor of Shahr-e Qods

Majid Kaviani: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shahr-e Qods

Masoud Mokhtari: Mayor of Shahr-e Qods

Hossein Habibi: Commander of IRGC and Basij forces in Shahr-e Qods

Shahpour Fallahi: Commander of police forces in Shahr-e Qods

Mohammad Mahmoud Abadi: Governor of Sirjan

Hossein Bagheri: Commander of the IRGC and Basij forces in Sirjan

Mohammad Reza Iran-Nejad: Commander of Sirjan police

Abbasali Mohammadian: Commander of Alborz province police

Seyyed Yousof Molaei: Commander of Alborz province IRGC forces

Jahanshah Zeinoddini: Commander of Alborz province NAJA Special Units

Mohammad Moazami Goudarzi: Commander of Karaj city NAJA Special Units

Majid Zanjani: Commander of Karaj city IRGC and Basij forces

Mehdi Kheiripour: Commander of the Abouzar Mosque Basij base

Fardin Jozani-far: Commander of Shahriar police

Faraj Shojaei: Commander of Shiraz police

Mohsen Beiranvand: Governor of Mahshahr

Reza Papi: Commander of Mahshahr police

Mehdi Mohammadi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Mahshahr

Hossein Sistani Mohammadabadi: Governor of Isfahan province

Mojtaba Fada: Commander of Isfahan province IRGC forces

Mehdi Masoom Beigi: Commander of Isfahan police force in Esfahan province

Ali Esfahani: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Isfahan

Artikas Eghbal: Governor of Marivan

Mansour Valiei: Commander of Marivan IRGC forces

Alireza Safari: Commander of Marivan police

Fazlollah Ranjbar: Governor of Kermanshah

Bahman Reyhani: Commander of Kermanshah IRGC forces

Ali Akbar Javidan: Commander of Kermanshah police

Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Kermanshah

Ghafour Ghasempour: Governor of Karaj

Haji Reza Shakarami: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Karaj

Mohsen Nikvarz: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Sirjan

Mohammad Reza Amiri: Governor of Shiraz

Seyyed Hashem Ghiasi: Commander of Fars province Fajr Corps

Heidar Asiabi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shiraz

Mir-Jalal Mousavi: Commander of Shiraz NAJA Special Units

Abbas Jamshidi: Governor of Bushehr

Ali Razmjou: Commander of Imam Sadeq Corps in Bushehr province

Khalil Vaezi: Police Commander in Bushehr province

Ali Hassanpour: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Bushehr

Abdolali Arzhang: Governor of Shahr-E Kord

Ali Mohammad Akbari: Commander of Qamar Bani-Hashem Corps in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province

Ali Sepahvand: Commander of Shahr-E Kord police

Abdolreza Alimohammadi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shahr-E Kord

Reza Nasiri: Commander of Charmahal and Bakhtiari NAJA Special Units

Zeinolabedin Mousavi: Governor of Abadan

Shapour Ahmadi: Commander of Abadan IRGC forces

Seyyed Mohsen Taghizadeh: Commander of Abadan police

Hamid Maranipour: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Abadan

Behrouz Mahdavi: Governor of Tabriz

Abedin Khorram: Commander of East Azerbaijan province Ashura Corps

Hossein Abdi Fathabadi: Commander of East Azerbaijan police

Babak Mahboub Alilu: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tabriz

Mohammad Hamidi: Governor of Gorgan

Vahid Fakhroddin: Commander of Gorgan IRGC forces

Rouholamin Ghasemi: Commander of Golestan province police

Mohammad Masrour: Commander of East Azerbaijan NAJA Special Units

Seyyed Reza Seyyed Hosseini: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Gorgan

Ali Babaei Rayeni: Governor of Kerman

Abdolreza Nazeri: Commander of Kerman province police

Dadkhoda Salari: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Kerman

Eisa Farhadi Sartangi: Governor of Tehran

Esmaei Kowsari: Deputy head of IRGC’s Sarallah Headquarters

Hossein Rahimi: Commander of Greater Tehran police

Ali Alghasi Mehr: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran

Mojtaba Raei: Governor of Najafabad

Hojatollah Safarpour: Commander of Najafabad IRGC forces

Mohammad Hossein Babakalani: Commander of Najafabad police

Ali Zare: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Najaf Abad

Kurosh Maveddat: Governor of Khorramshahr

Alireza Kheradmand: Commander of Khorramshahr IRGC forces

Hemmat Ali Tarkarani: Commander of Khorramshahr police

Fakher Bavi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Khorramshahr

Abolfazl Inanloo: Governor of Fardis

Ehsan Alizadeh: Commander of Fardis IRGC forces

Bijan Jannati: Commander of Fardis police

Hossein Jahanshahlou: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Fardis

Mohammad Ebrahim Zarei: Governor of Sanandaj

Hassan Askari: Commander of Sanandaj IRGC forces

Ali Azadi: Commander of Sanandaj police

Mohammad Jabbari: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Sanandaj

Jamal Alemi Neisi: Governor of Ahvaz

Mohsen Dalvand: Commander of Ahvaz police

Abbas Hosseini Pouya: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Ahvaz

Nourollah Taheri: Governor of Shahriar

Fayaz Allahyari: Commander of Shahriar IRGC forces

Hamid Asgaripour: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shahriar

Mojtaba Khanjani: Governor of Baharestan

Yadollah Soleimani: Commander of Baharestan IRGC forces

Faramarz Rezaei: Commander of Baharestan police

Gholamreza Sadeghi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Baharestan

Massoud Morsalpour: Governor of Eslamshahr

Hadi Ilka: Commander of Eslamshahr IRGC forces

Mehdi Karami: Commander of Eslamshahr police

Yunes Asadi Moghaddam: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Eslamshahr

Saeed Hajian Saeedi: Governor of Shadegan

Sadegh Maniat: Commander of Shadegan IRGC forces

Eskandar Jamashiani: Commander of Shadegan police

Reza Kianirad: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Shadegan

Yousef Zamani Asl: Governor of Behbahan

Abdollah Kheiranpour: Commander of Behbahan IRGC forces

Mohammad Azizi: Commander of Behbahan police

Rouhollah Zandi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Behbahan

Rastegar Yousefi: Governor of Javanroud

Abouzar Anvari: Commander of Javanroud IRGC forces

Hushang Mubaraki: Police Commander of Javanroud

Amin Mohammadi: Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor of Javanroud

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi: Minister of Information and Communications Technology


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