UN urged to take action against perpetrators of international crimes in North Korea

By February 26, 2020 March 26th, 2020 No Comments

Justice for Iran joined a 35 strong NGO initiative calling upon states to investigate and prosecute individual suspects of international crimes in North Korea, under the principle of aut dedere aut judicare (either extradite or prosecute).

In joint letters, 35 human rights organisations from 10 different countries urged both the UN Human Rights Council, and the European Union to highlight the on-going systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations, (including those that amount to crimes against humanity), in North Korea.

The NGOs demand that the international community  recommend appropriate actions to be taken by the stakeholders in the 43rd session of the annual resolution on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The signatories of the letters to the UN and the EU recommend that   ending execution of political prisoners and releasing all of them, putting a stop to sexual violence, and promoting the rights to food and liberty of movement should be included in the human rights council’s upcoming resolution. 

To read the letter to the UN Human Rights Council, click here.

To read the letter to the EU, click here