The 34th Universal Periodic Review took place on November 8th, during which the United Nations member states evaluated Iran’s human rights records from the last 5 years. Justice for Iran provided live, bilingual, coverage and commentary of the session for more than 4000 twitter users.

In our UPR submission ‘Iran: Maximum Impunity’ we had specified and emphasised the importance of holding Iranian officials accountable for the brutal suppression of protests. Justice for had asked countries to address the killings and arrest of 2017-18.

However, only one country, Australia, took a principled stance and recommended Iran to “investigate all allegations of torture against the protesters of December 2017 protests, and to hold the perpetrators accountable.”

In Justice for Iran’s statement about the new wave of atrocities, Mohammad Nayyeri, Justice for Iran’s legal consultant noted: “The Islamic Republic would not have been able to carry such scale and forms of violent oppression, if the international community had held Iran accountable for its extensive killing, arrest and torture of protesters during the 2017-18 unrests.”