Shahrouz Barzegar-Kolshani, human rights violator

Full Name:
Shahrouz Barzegar-Kolshani

Shahrouz Barzegar-Kolshani was born in 1975 in Salmas, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. He holds a degree in international relations.


  • Representative of the 10th session of the Parliament
  • Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission

Human Rights Violations:
As a Parliamentary Representative of Salmas and member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Shahrouz Barzegar-Kolshani has defended the arbitrary killing of Kolbar labourers, clearly stating that the Armed Forces are permitted to fire at them. The Kolbars, who are mostly ethnic Kurds, carry goods and necessities across the mountainous Iran-Iraq border on foot, earning little in return.