Hadi Shooshtari, human rights violator

Full Name:

Hadi Shooshtari

Hadi Shooshtari was born in 1971 in Sarvelayat District, Quchan, Iran. He holds the equivalent of a doctorate degree in common law.


  • Mayor of Dargaz in Razavi Khorasan Province
  • Mayor of Quchan and Faruj in North Khorasan Province
  • Parliamentary Representative
  • Head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission since 22 July 2012
  • Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission

Human Rights Violations:
As head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, Hadi Shooshtari has played a significant role in the concealment and denial of serious human rights violations before international assemblies.

In an interview with Khane Mellat News Agency, Shooshtari claimed that Iran’s human rights situation was optimal. He asserted that the assignment of a UN expert on the human rights situation in Iran is an insult and interference with the country’s domestic affairs. He said,

‘One of our most intrinsic and fundamental criticisms towards the Secretary General and the Special Rapporteur is about the way they gather evidence; because, these people usually collect their reports from opposition organisations like the MEK, meanwhile this group has martyred 17,000 innocent people across cities, and certainly such a group cannot be a reference for an international report.

During summer in 2015, Shooshtari told the news agency that the Judiciary will only negotiate with European Union and claimed that the Islamic Republic has complied with necessary human rights measures.