Full Name:
Morteza Eshraghi

No information is available on his birth and education.

⦁ Prosecutor at the Revolutionary Court of Tehran, most likely from 1986 to 1989
⦁ Judge at Branch 1 of the Administrative Justice Court in 1989
⦁ Currently a practicing attorney and member of the Bar Association

Human Rights Violations (in chronological order) :
Morteza Eshraghi perpetrated serious human rights violations while occupying various positions of judicial authority.

1988 Prison Massacre
As Prosecutor at the Revolutionary Court of Tehran in 1988, Morteza Eshraghi was a member of the “Death Committee,” which decided which prisoners would live and die based on a few questions about the prisoners’ political and religious beliefs. Eshraghi therefore played an instrumental role in holding summary trials and executing political prisoners.


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