Full Name:

Iraj Amirkhani


No information is available about Iraj Amirkhani’s birth and education.


⦁ Prosecutor at the Revolutionary Court in Ahvaz from 2005 to January 2007

⦁ Advisor to the Supreme Court of Appeals in Tehran Province until 5 October 2009

⦁ Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran since 5 October 2009

⦁ Head of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran since 5 October 2009

⦁ Head of Shemiran District 1 Supreme Court from May 2011 to February 2013

⦁ Retired since February 2013

Human Rights Violations (in chronological order):

Iraj Amirkhani has been involved in serious human rights violations while holding various positions of judicial authority. Amirkhani played a major role in the enforced disappearances of prisoners in Ahwaz, the issuing of death sentences, and presided over unfair judicial proceedings.

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