Full Name:
Kiumars Azizi

– Deputy Commander of Disciplinary Force in Kermanshah Province, up to 4 August 2015
– Commander of Disciplinary Force in Markazi Province, 4 August 2015- present

Human Rights Violations:
As the Law Enforcement Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (known by the acronym NAJA) Commander of Markazi province, Kiumars Azizi is responsible for the death of Vahid Heydari, one of the protesters detained during the December2017-January 2018 protestsHeydari died in unknown circumstances while in police custody in the city of Arak. According to regulations regarding the treatment of detainees, NAJA was responsible for Vahid Heydari’s wellbeing and security.

Twenty-three year old Vahid Heydari was arrested on 31 December 2018 by NAJA forces during the protests in Arak. He was then transferred to Police station 12, where he later died.

On 6 January 2018, Heydari’s family was informed by the authorities that their son had killed himself in custody and that they should collect his body. According to an activist in Arak, the relatives of Vahid Heydari were pressured by security agents to bury his body in a location they specified.

On 10 January, Abbas Ghassemi the General Prosecutor for Markazi Province referred to Vahid Heydari as a drug smuggler, adding that he had committed suicide and that the relevant footage showing the moment he committed suicide was available. However, as of this writing, no footage of the alleged suicide of Vahid Heydari has been released.
Heydari’s family has denied claims that he was a drug smuggler. They also state that they had seen a deep wound on Vahid Heydari’s scalp, casting further doubt on official claims of his suicide.

On 15 January, security forces arrested lawyer, Mohammad Najafi, who had been working on Vahid Heydari’s case. Rejecting claims of suicide, Najafi had previously stated that Heydari was killed in custody.

*Last update: March 12, 2018*