Full Name:
Gholamhossein Gheibparvar

Gholamhossein Gheibparvar was born in Shiraz in 1962.

– Member of Shiraz 19th Fajr Division, the 1980s
– Training Officer of the IRGC Ground Force, 2001
– Commander of the IRGC 25th Karbala Division in Mazandaran, 2001-2006
– Commander of the IRGC 19th Fajr Division, 2006- 2008
– Commander of Fars Province IRGC, 2008- December 2016
– Commander of the IRGC Imam Hussein Central Headquarters, December 2015- present
– Commander of Sazman-e Basij-e Mostaz’afin (Organization for Mobilization of the Oppressed, commonly known in English as the Basij), 7 December 2016-present

Human Rights Violations:
Gholamhossein Gheibparvar is the Commander of the Basij Forces, the paramilitary branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC). During the December 2017-January 2018 protests, the Basij forces closely cooperated closely with NAJA forces in brutally crushing the protests.

In an interview with the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) on 31 December 2017, Esmail Kosari, the Deputy Commander of IRGC’s Sarallah Unit, commented on the cooperation between Basij and NAJA forces in crushing the protests. He stated that: “Thanks to the efforts of NAJA, and also Basij forces who assisted NAJA forces since yesterday afternoon, a good and stable security has been established throughout Tehran.”

Sarallah unit is a security division of the IRGC that is responsible for maintaining security in the metropolis of Tehran and operates under the supervision of IRGC’s Commander in Chief.

Ramezan Sharif, IRGC’s spokesperson and head of public relations, has confirmed in an interview the significant role played by Basij and Gholamhossein Gheibparvar in crushing the protests:

“In some districts, Basij forces received requests for assistance from NAJA divisions, following which Brigadier Gheibparvar the Commander in Chief of Basij issued the required orders for cooperation and the assistance was provided.”

*Last update: March 12, 2018*